Oracle’s guide to CUM management

« The CUM quantity is the basis for the supplier’s cumulative scheduled quantity to which the customer expects shipment compliance. The customer’s CUM quantity is included in planning and shipping schedules sent to the supplier, along with identification of the last receipt that updated the customer’s CUM. From the customer’s CUM, the supplier can accurately determine where they stand in terms of shipping to the scheduled CUM, by comparing their last shipment to the customer’s last receipt. »

CUM Shot
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Appetite for self-destruction

« …being a comedian means knowing a lot of people who’ve committed suicide.

My count is now up to five. Five of my friends and fellow comedians have taken their own life. It ‘s shocking, but, sadly, not surprising. Non-comedians — or as we call them, “civilians” — are always surprised. And I am always surprised they’re so surprised. They have yet to realize the Two Big Things all comedians know. »

Buster Keaton
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