Ferguson grand jury documentation analysis

« In the grand jury case against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the prosecution revealed that physical evidence weighed in Wilson’s favor and that he had not unlawfully shot 18-year-old Michael Brown to death. […]

We read and analyzed more than 500 pages of witness testimony and compared each statement to those given by Wilson. Below is a chart comparing several key details of the officer’s report to the witness statements. Was Brown facing Wilson when he was shot, or was his back turned to him? Did Brown have his hands in the air, or were they reaching toward his waist? »


The new “Brigade” is not Code for America

« It’s yet to be determined if Sean Parker’s Brigade was purposely named after this existing civic tech group. There’s no reason to think that his group wouldn’t have at least known about Code for America’s Brigade. And for that it seems likely that Parker and friends were either a) lazy or b) opportunistic. The fact that Parker and his cronies named his organization “Brigade” is the least infuriating detail about his group, though. […]

Remember how Sean Parker was the guy who got married in a lavish middle-earth-inspired wedding ceremony right in the middle of a protected redwood forest in Big Sur? This is the guy who damaged protected redwood forests so that he and his wife could have a dream wedding. I’m not sure I could think of a more selfish deed that illustrates why Sean Parker probably doesn’t care all that much about your local community. »

Cathedral Grove Rainforest
Justin Brown via Compfight


I don’t like the sound of his ebola boncentration bamps

« Dr Richard Hiltner is a really nice guy. He’s in his sixties (but seems younger, in that way that Californians often do) and has a very West Coast way of making everything sound super positive all the time, up to and including the fact that, a few weeks ago, he and three other practitioners flew to Liberia to try and treat Ebola patients using homeopathy…»

Ebola in Guinea
Creative Commons License European Commission DG ECHO via Compfight