« Among those who say they will vote for Trump, 48 percent say he’ll create a database to track Muslims; 36 percent say there will be race riots; 33 percent say the government would default on its debt; and 32 percent say Trump would punish his political opponents and authorize internment camps for illegal immigrants.

Only 22 percent of Trump supporters believe he will start a nuclear war.

“The poll shows that Donald Trump is getting his message across, because he has promised most of these goals as part of his platform,” said B. Jay Cooper, the former deputy White House press secretary and communications director for the Republican National Committee. »


For 35 years, Cycorp in Austin, Texas have been trying to encode a database of basic everyday knowledge as logical data computer algorithms can process. The hope was that it would enable artificial intelligence software to leap towards human-like abilities. In the mean time, “deep learning” based on massive datasets has taken over the field, and our new AI overlords don’t think they need symbolic logic, and that the whole approach failed. Might they be wrong?