Questioning technicalities

« Cleveland officer acquitted in killings of unarmed pair amid 137-shot barrage

[…] “The state did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant Michael Brelo knowingly caused the deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams,” said Judge John P. O’Donnell in his ruling, “because the essential element of causation was not proved for both counts.”

[…] Brelo, prosecutors said, was the only one who continued to shoot after the threat was over. He climbed onto the hood of the Malibu and shot 15 rounds into the windshield, striking Russell, who was driving, and Williams, who was in the passenger seat. »

Here’s a photo:

So what exactly do you have to do in Cleveland to knowingly cause someone’s death, if standing on the hood of their car and firing 15 rounds through the windshield at them isn’t good enough?


Cannes bans comfortable shoes at screening of lesbian romance

« The Cannes Film Festival’s organisers have defended turning women away from red-carpet film screenings if they weren’t wearing high heels.

[Screen magazine] claimed the women were wearing rhinestone flats at the time – and said that the subject matter of the film itself – a lesbian romance starring Cate Blanchett about fighting against societal norms – added to the outrage of those turned away. »