Amnesty’s Ferguson report

« Amnesty International has released a searing report on human rights violations it witnessed during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the killing of unarmed, black teenager Michael Brown Jr. in August.

The litany of alleged abuses the group says protesters suffered at the hands of law enforcement run the gamut from the use of tear gas and rubber bullets to the use of high-frequency acoustic devices to disperse crowds, the latter of which can cause serious health risks including loss of balance, ruptured eardrums and nausea. »

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The fit and the dead

« Despite the inherent risks of hundreds of thousands of people dabbling in Olympic weight-lifting techniques at their local strip malls, CrossFitters seem utterly dedicated to their hard-core workouts. CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman, admitted in 2005 that rhabdomyolysis — a dangerous condition that can lead to kidney failure — had popped up among a few new CrossFit converts. He viewed it, in part, as evidence of CrossFit’s “dominance over traditional training protocols.” »

Good example of Crossfit Weight lifting - In Crossfit Always lift until you reach the point of  Failure or you tear something
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