Short shameful Christmas confession

On Christmas Day, my family generally play various family-type games. This year, we played a game called “Scattergories ”. Brief summary of rules:

Roll die to get a random letter. Start 2 minute timer. Look at list of categories. Think of a word/phrase in each category starting with that letter. Bonuses if more than one word in the phrase starts with that letter. EG. Roll “R ”, category #1 is “Politicians ”, could get 2 points for “Ronald Reagan ”, only one for “Richard Nixon ”. You only score the points if nobody else has the same word or phrase as you. So you have to think of things which nobody else will think of. Twelve categories per card/round, two minutes to fill ‘em all in.

It’s actually more fun than it sounds, but a bit tricky after an afternoon of food and drink.

Anyway, on Christmas Day afternoon the family (including grandparents and aunts) decided to play the game, or watch others playing it, depending upon how energetic they were feeling. In the first round we rolled ‘J’. Category #1 was “Fictional Characters ”. I wrote “Jesus Christ”, and duly had to announce this to my entire family at the end of the round, as I couldn’t think of anything else.

They voted me down, and I was robbed of the point.