Sometimes a variable name is just a variable name

OK, this is the most obsessive e-mail I’ve received in a long, long time:

I read your HUMAN_DNA.H from GNU humor pages, and I like it very much. However, I don’t get it why you name Penis variable *jt, and Vagina *p? Does jt and p stand for anything?

(Any complaints about the humorous quality of the joke should, of course, be addressed to British Airways, Ingrams Drive, Redditch.)

I must confess that there is an extra layer of joke hidden there. JT stands for “John Thomas”, an expression any Monty Python fan knows. P is left as an exercise for the reader.

This e-mail has reminded me of the fact that what I write tends to end up multi-layered whether I intend it or not, because jokes and connections which make perfect sense to me often get missed by other people. However, I’m generally a pretty straightforward person, and say what I mean.

You might think that’s a contradiction—but the way I write, the subtext usually exists to enhance the main message, or is irrelevant wordplay. Is that duplicitous?