Every now and again on DALnet, someone will try using my registered nickname, in spite of the nasty warnings from NickServ. I’ll turn up and recover it, and find that the person’s clueless friends think I’m him.

Perhaps I’m just mean, but I tend to see this as a good opportunity to sow seeds of confusion and chaos. Particularly when the clueless users concerned start sending me messages in weird foreign languages.

Here are some transcript excerpts:

topas> kenalan donk……?
topas< Morvel handipoke stim stim stane.
topas> kenalan donk……?
topas< Naveli naveli mun.
co-miskin> betul kok
co-miskin< Frisnit grotfarg.
co-miskin> opo kuwi
shac-qit> malam metta……
shac-qit< Yabbadabbadoo.
co-miskin< Qwango moktit.
currochin> haloooooooooo
shac-qit> asl pls
currochin> tuh diem khan
shac-qit< tna qpr ibm
currochin< per diem quid pro quo dominus vobiscum
co-miskin> jangan ngomong pake bahasa alien aku nggak ngerti
shac-qit> apaan sih?
D-WA> emang enak di kacangin
currochin> bhsnya jgn pake bhs susah donkkk
currochin< fronk knok bakalaka wonga wonga splot!
D-WA< yangwang bang kipperripper skronk
D-WA> ?
co-miskin< jangwang go mong poke lhasa alien yogurt
shac-qit< si vous voulez
shac-qit> eh u kul di stiekubank ya
shac-qit< eh kool-aid stickleback ja
shac-qit> metta nga cantik…….aloooo
currochin> oooooooo…..
currochin> i love you too
currochin> artinya kira2 gitu khan
shac-qit< I alone hold the key to this savage parade.
currochin> hiiihihihihihi
currochin< I alone hold the key to this savage parade.
shac-qit> i don t know babar blassss
currochin> kamu kul di akaba ya..
currochin> hayo ngakuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
currochin< awop bopaloobop awop bam boom
currochin> $^%#@(*^&*&()
currochin> aku juga bisa khan
currochin> hihihihihihihihi
currochin< klaatu barada nikto
currochin> udah donkkkk
currochin> sorry dechhhhhhhhh
currochin> hik hik…
currochin< pip pip
currochin> ok dech
currochin> ngaku kalah dech
currochin> hik…hik….
currochin< We’re like an egg that unfolds into a daisy
co-miskin> lha itu apa hayo
co-miskin< lzh itn ipu with mayo
co-miskin> bye…