Redesigning web sites into uselessness

For many months I’ve been happily ordering food from homeruns for delivery. A week or so ago I got a flyer in the mail advertising their new “next generation” homeruns 3.0 web site. Obviously I got a sinking feeling—when’s the last time you saw a web site that was better after being redesigned?

So eventually the cupboard was bare, and it was time to order. I went to the site and discovered that it was even worse than I’d expected. They had removed the ability to sort by fat content. Worse, they’d cut out the ability to even display fat content and sodium content in the lists of items.

I sent them e-mail complaining. Their reply says that most people found the ability to sort items too confusing, and that nobody in their test group complained about the new design. It seems I’m the only person who buys food based on its nutritional value.

Oh well, until they fix it I’m back to ordering from Peapod.