I can't donate blood

The American Red Cross will no longer take blood donations from me, because they think I might have mad cow disease.

Anybody who has spent more than 3 months in the UK since 1980, or 6 months elsewhere in Europe, is now ineligible to donate blood.

In fact, one of the major vectors of possible nvCJD spread isn’t blood donation—it’s pharmaceuticals, particularly vaccinations. Many vaccinations are cultured in animals, and UK research suggests that they may carry nvCJD. Since multinational corporations make the drugs wherever is cheapest and ship them worldwide, the chances are there are nvCJD-infected vaccinations stockpiled in the USA right now. Even vitamins contain gelatine. Do you think we’ll see the government act to force the big pharmaceutical companies to document the source of any animal products they use? Don’t hold your breath…

Remember: There is no known way to inactivate the infectious agent which causes nvCJD. So don’t count on it being killed by the gelatine manufacturing process.