Locust notes and weddings

Summer in Boston

Today has been particularly hot and sticky. As I walked to work this morning, Boston was bathed in a thick haze of moisture—almost fog-like. As I arrived at the office, the locusts in the park were playing their “Oh boy, it’s going to be hot” rasp.

The net has been not-so-hot. I’m not sure whether it’s Code Red II or a backhoe through a fiber or what, but I’ve been pretty much unable to reach the Internet for much of the day.

At the weekend I went to a colleague’s wedding. It was a big Italian wedding, which was kinda interesting as I’d not seen much genuine genuflection before. All the hymns and prayers and stuff seem to be completely different and unfamiliar. Like the other big weddings I’ve been to in the last couple of years, it made me glad that our own hitching was a quiet and relatively informal affair.

I took the digital camera to the wedding and reception. It seems to behave strangely in low light – it copes better than film, but you get a really interesting ghosting/smearing effect on anything that moves. The end results often look like deliberately arty Photoshop work.