This is the Rosebud diner in Davis Square.


Diners are something uniquely American, and I find it hard to resist the chance to visit them. There’s something about the whole experience, even if the food’s not that great.

Which is not to say that there’s anything wrong with the food at the Rosebud. On the contrary! The only problem with the place is that it’s usually really full at weekends.

Here is the exterior.


The digital camera does a particularly good job of picking out the neon. Neon lights are another very American phenomenon, Piccadilly Circus notwithstanding.

I remember when I found out how they got the different colors of neon lights. I’d always assumed they had some kind of lab where they mixed exotic gases to come up with new and attractive shades of color; in fact, the gas is always the same, they just use colored glass. I was so disappointed to discover that.