Statement of belief

I live in America because I prefer it to England. I would want to be here even if I hadn’t married an American. I like the people, I like the country. I believe strongly in freedom of speech, freedom of (and from) religion, freedom of association, and all the other freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I feel strongly that it is important that constitutional documents are written, and not subject to the whims of a government or monarch.

I have never believed myself a subject of the UK monarchy; I was not given any choice in the matter. Had I been alive in colonial times, I feel sure I would have been a strong supporter of English philosopher John Locke’s ideas of “natural rights”, which were adopted by the American revolutionaries.

I consider America to be my country, even though I am not yet a citizen. I pay taxes, I try to follow politics, and I do my best to fit in. I eat with a fork in my right hand; I write in American English to the best of my ability. I have “gone native”, so to speak.

When I criticize America, it’s because I think it could be even better—not because I think other countries are superior overall. Right now, I can’t think of anywhere I would rather be living. As I write these words, there is a US flag flying in my window.

Having said all that, I still think that acting President Bush is an illegitimate leader, as well as a moron who looks like a chimp. I still think many countries have legitimate reasons to feel bitterness and rage towards America for terrorist actions the US government has carried out, directly or indirectly, openly or covertly. And I still dread the inevitable crackdown on our freedoms which will result from the cowardly terrorism we saw this week.