Peace vigil

Last night we met up with some friends and went to the candle-lighting vigil in David Square. It was very solemn and tasteful, mostly. People stood around in a ring with candles, cupping their hands to protect the flames from the breeze. Every now and again someone would walk forward to the large stone compass in the center of the square, and place the candle there.

There were songs. I didn’t know the words, and I can’t really reach the high notes anyway. One person preached, but nobody seemed very receptive. (This is Cambridge, MA, after all.)

A few flags were waved. Some annoying people drove a car around playing “God Bless The USA” really loudly on the tape deck. It could have been worse, it could have been Springsteen… Other people honked car horns in support. I thought that was very American—drive-thru vigils.

There were one or two hundred people there from 19:00 through to about 22:30, when we left. (There was a trip to a nearby Chinese restaurant during that period.) There was a bigger gathering outside the Christian Science Center in Boston—people four or five deep all around the artificial lake, floating candles out onto the water.