Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell

People are still talking about the Pat Robertson / Jerry Falwell comments, that America was attacked because the gays, atheists, pro-choice people and ACLU members made god leave us defenseless.

I have to say, I feel quite honored that I’m now on his list four times over. No doubt about it—if they and their cronies ever achieve their revolution, I’ll be one of the first ones up against the wall. In fact, there probably won’t be enough space on my arm for all the tattoos. They’ll have to load me on a Concorde to get me to the camps fast enough.

So Falwell and Robertson are now whining that the evil liberal media are quoting them out of context. If you believe that, perhaps you’d like to read the entire context? It seems to me that “You’re quoting me out of context!” is the favorite excuse of the person who has been caught saying what he really thinks. It’s hard for me to think of an example where someone has genuinely been misrepresented by out-of-context quotation, unless you include ads for Hollywood movies that turn review quotes from “Amazing that they could release this crap” into “Amazing”.

Yesterday I finished off the Bill Hicks CD collection. I really needed something I could laugh at, something that was funny yet at the same time appropriately vicious, morbid and offensive. I can’t help pondering the fact that when Bill Hicks was my age, he was already dead. Ah, if only he had lived instead of Falwell…