Time flies like a banana

If anyone has any suggestions for watches with interesting designs, please post links. Requirements: 24 hour time or analog hands, water resistant (preferably waterproof to a few meters). Preferences: Under $100, minimal maintenance required, shows day of week and of month.

My watch is broken. Again.

It’s a Seiko Kinetic. When it works, I love it. It never needs winding, never needs batteries, tells me the time and date and is accurate to within seconds a year. Unfortunately, this is the second time it has broken. It stopped at exactly 06:00 this morning.

When I bought the watch, I hadn’t factored annual maintenance into the equation. I think I’m going to go back to cheap Casio watches, which will at least run for five years without failing.

Alternatively, I’m still tempted by the Swatch Internet Time thing. They have some funky Internet Time watches in metal and rubber…