Brill’s Content

[Inside] reports that it and Brill’s Content are to close. Blame is assigned to personality clashes, economy downturns, too many editors, and so on. The simple truth, however, is that Brill’s Content sucked.

It was a great idea, and the first few issues were good. Before long, though, it became obvious that it was a big club newsletter for Steve Brill and his friends—there was a fawning interview with Steve Case of AOL, MSNBC was picked as Best Internet News Site (a truly laughable assertion), and so on.

I’ve talked to several people who were subscribers, and they all say the same thing. It turned into exactly what it purported to criticize. When Brill started running advertorial for his Contentville venture, and printing part of an article with “Subscribe to Contentville to read the rest”, I decided it was time to stop reading. I let my subscription lapse. I imagine all the other charter subscribers did too.

The sad thing is, there ought to be a media analysis magazine, and the death of Brill’s Content will probably mean that nobody else tries it for years.