My new watch arrived. Casio G-Shock. I’ve never had a Casio last less than five years, which is two more than the expensive Seiko managed. Reading the web, it seems that Seiko Kinetics are quite notorious for breaking. It probably doesn’t help that I tend to occasionally walk into walls, doors, and other solid objects, but still…

Essential features of the new watch: time, date, day of week, 24 hour format, waterproof (to 200m), solar powered.

Non-essential features I got anyway: titanium casing, sunrise/sunset times, moon rise times, tide indicator, moon phase indicator, stopwatch, multiple alarms, countdown timer, and everything works across multiple named world time zones. Plus the backlight can be set to come on automatically when (a) you’re holding the watch at the right angle that you’re probably looking at it, and (b) it’s dark.

As you can imagine from the feature list, there’s quite a bit of configuration and setup to do. Each location needs time zone, longitude and latitude, and tidal offset time. In short, this is a watch for the seriously geeky. I’ve installed Linux distributions that were easier to configure.

But now it works, and I can push a few buttons and find out when the tide will come in by my parents’ new house in Bournemouth.