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Silent Hill and 9/11 dream

I had a creepy dream last night. In the dream, I got up and was fetching a glass of water when I saw a humanoid shadow move across the kitchen wall. I looked behind me, and saw that the inner door was open; through the glass of the outer door I saw a figure disappear into the darkness.

I looked in the living room, and the TV was gone. Other items were moved, but still there. A breeze was blowing through the house, as if the front door was open. I woke sara, and started to dial 911.

And I woke up. I was really thirsty, and my neck was sore. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As I was looking nervously in to see if the back door was really open, and reassuring myself that it was just a dream, there was a sudden burst of white noise and static from the living room, for about a second. I span around, but there was nobody there. The ReplayTV hard drive was spinning quietly, but everything else was turned off, so where could the noise have come from?

I turned on a bunch of lights, and checked every room in the house. Then I went to bed thinking about Silent Hill.