Buying my own RAM for my work machine

RAM prices are low right now. However, Big Blue is really putting the squeeze on expenses.

So I gave in. I went to Best Buy and bought 2x 128MB of unapproved RAM for my ThinkPad. I took out the 32MB and 64MB DIMMs that were in there to replace them with the 128MBs, so with the 32MB on the motherboard I now have a total of 288MB.

This means that finally I’ll be able to run Notes, Domino Designer, Mozilla and Fireworks at the same time without the thing swapping itself to death. This will make development work much easier.

I then took the spare 64MB DIMM and used it to upgrade Evija’s ThinkPad to 160MB, so she can comfortably run Notes and a web browser at the same time.

Of course, if we ever need to send the machines to IS for repair, we’ll have to put everything back the way it was…

Yes, it’s kinda ridiculous that I bought my own RAM. On the other hand, 256MB was only $20… Prices are insane.