Massachusetts (dirty) politics

A bunch of wingnut Christians are trying to get a ballot initiative put on the next Massachusetts ballot that would ban same-sex marriage. However, to do this they have been asking people if they want to sign for a different ballot initiative, one banning sale of horse meat, and then quietly switching it for the wingnut ballot.

The Attorney General’s office has confirmed this by sending out some staff to do spot checks. The Secretary of State has put out a press release warning people to be wary. Curiously, though, he’s not tossing out the fraudulent campaign.

This is odd, because the same Secretary of State (William Galvin) has been blocking the implementation of Clean Election laws in Massachusetts for over a year, even though those laws were voted through legally. If he can block an above-the-board ballot initiative by refusing to fund it, why can’t he throw out a fraudulent one, eh?