Yes, it really is 04:30, and I’m annoyingly awake. Rather than lie sleeplessly in bed, I’m going to sit here for a while and play with the new, faster Internet and see if I can get sleepy again.

Spent Thanksgiving with Elaine and Jarkko and a bunch of other Perl people. Generally speaking, Elaine doesn’t cook—but when she does (about once a year), she really goes for it. I took along some fake (vegetarian) chicken to substitute for turkey. Everybody ate way too much, and as usual there was bitching and gossip about people like RMS and ESR. Very little talk about Perl, happily. I haven’t written anything that’s more than a screenful of Perl in a couple of years; but then again, you can do a lot in a screenful of Perl…

I found it interesting that seven out of the eight people there were Mac users (as well as UNIX, of course). You’ll see similar prevalence of Mac users at (say) the MIT flea market, whereas the slashdot script kiddies are mostly wintel. Maybe it’s a hacker-generational thing?

So perhaps my body has decided that I have way too much food energy to burn off, and can’t do it laying in bed. In fact, I felt too hot in bed, and feel OK now even though the thermostat has the heat cut way down overnight, so that seems plausible.

Honeybear, Elaine’s Saint Bernard, was mostly banished to the yard; though he did get to spend some time shedding on us during the evening. He’s getting old, and no longer leaps up at me since I wrestled him to the ground and showed him where he was in the pack hierarchy. Still, as usual I found myself thinking that he is just way too much dog. Even though small for a male St Bernard, he’s big enough that you can feel the house shake as he stomps around.

As a child, I was terrified of dogs. Racheline still is, and when she visited a year or two ago and we called on Elaine, there was a bad scene with Honeybear and a neighboring dog and Racheline standing in the way… I still feel guilty that I didn’t manage to do anything, even though there wasn’t really anything I could do—I went to grab Honeybear, but there was nothing to grab, and even if he had had a big, grabbable collar on, he probably would have just dragged me off my feet anyway. Oh well.