Shallow Hal

Had a random vacation day; I had some spare which I have to use by the end of the year. Went to the movies with Mark; we saw “Shallow Hal”. It’s pretty good—like the other Farrelly Brothers movies, it ultimately has a positive message; and it’s less reliant on gross-out humor than their previous efforts. (And I can now visualize Jason Alexander as Duckman…)

The new Millennium Place movie theater was a disappointment, though. They matted the movie incorrectly when projecting it, and the sound was a wobbly old mono track, even though it’s a brand new movie theater and ought to be equipped for dts (and yes, the movie was made in dts).

Then at five, sara was released from work, and the two of us went out for Thai food. I had an excellent yellow tofu curry with pineapple and coconut.