Some reasons why Mac OS X rocks

  1. Installation was totally painless.

  2. It actually manages to do what I thought was impossible—it puts a cohesive Mac-like UI on top of a UNIX box. It’s convincingly graphical and feels solid and friendly, something Linux and GNOME fail to achieve. Yet there’s all the juicy BSD goodness underneath the skin, if you open up a telnet window.

  3. The e-mail client is usable. I’ve tried to wean myself off of the Eudora habit many times over the years; the big E has been showing its age in many ways. OS X Mail is good enough that I’m saying goodbye to Qualcomm’s offering, particularly as they haven’t bothered to produce an OS X version yet. In particular, Mail’s IMAP support works, whereas Eudora’s doesn’t.

  4. Built in FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, SMB, SSH, et al. No more problems getting my files from machine A to machine B.

  5. I had problems with a program that locked up hard—so I did ps aux | grep meta then a kill -9. Woo. (There’s also a graphical process control program, of course.)

  6. It hasn’t crashed yet. Last night I was simultaneously reading my e-mail via IMAP, browsing two different web sites via SSL connections, had a couple of telnet sessions open, was backing up files to DVD, and also playing some MP3s.

  7. It’s faster than OS 9 at quite a few things. Movie playback is smoother. DivX playback works. iTunes is way faster.

  8. I plugged the digital camera in and it worked. Built in OS software to rotate and download images. Drag the slider and the icons in the view smoothly enlarge to 128 pixels across so you can see the images as thumbnails.

  9. All the developer tools are on a CD in the box, for free.