Mac OS X performance observations

The big worry for me about OS X was whether my slowest-of-the-slow 350MHz G4 would be able to cope. I needn’t have worried. OS X boots faster than 9.2, and can comfortably play a DVD in one window while I read Usenet under the Classic environment in another. I’m frankly amazed. Video and audio don’t skip either, unlike under OS 9. Definitely needs 256MB of RAM, though. If you don’t have that much already, spring for a full 512MB, it’s only an extra $20.

On Friday I had a work spurt in the afternoon—did my self-assessment and added some workflow and a data pump to an application. So I rewarded myself with the upgrade to AppleWorks 6.2, which is OS X native. The only thing I’m waiting for now is PhotoShop, so I’m still running that and a bunch of games under Classic.