Another report from EBU

I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. A slight rawness in the lungs, tiredness around the eyes, and so on. I’m going to get an early night and late morning and see if I can shake it off. It’s one of the hazards of attending a conference with about ten thousand other people and working fourteen hour days—exhaustion sets in, and it’s a safe bet someone you shake hands with will have some common cold variant you haven’t experienced yet. One of my colleagues has been in bed for a couple of days with a viral infection, so maybe it’s that. Or maybe it’s all just exhaustion and hypochondria.

Made it to the breakfast tent by 07:50, with Ryan in tow, then chatted with colleagues before attending the first of the day’s technical sessions. All the tech stuff is at a different hotel, the Hilton. Sad to say, you could tell it was where all the tech staff had gathered because of the smell. I wish that particular stereotype wasn’t true, but there you have it.

Today was officially Diversity Day. The lunch table was pretty diverse without anyone even trying—a broad mix of skin colors, nationalities, religions and sexualities. (I attended a vendor presentation once where it seemed really freaky that they were all straight white males, because no internal meeting I’ve been to has ever been like that.)

After a couple of technical sessions and some lunch, it was time to head back and help man our team’s pedestal in the “Productivity Café”. I got a cool denim shirt with the new Lotus logo tastefully embroidered on it, and got energized (and tired out) by talking to our customers.