Religious tolerance in action

From NorthWest News Channel 8:

A Zen Buddhist group’s plan to remodel a former Clatskanie elementary school into a monastery and seminary is upsetting some people in this fishing and logging town.

A meeting sponsored by the Buddhists this week drew more than 200 people, many of whom objected to the proposal.

“Do you not see the darkness?” Linda Fischer, a Christian, asked of others in the audience. “The aura of Satan is taking a foothold. We do not want Buddhism in here.”


Loren Dummer, pastor of the Gateway Worship Center, the Assembly of God congregation, said the Buddhists pose a clear spiritual threat to the community.

His main concern is for the city’s youth, who he thinks are targets of the Buddhists.

“Our goal is to protect those that have not yet accepted Christ,” he said.

Yes, folks. Buddhists walk among us, undetected. And they are preying on our children!