While I admit that a Cappuccino mini PC running Linux would be mighty cool, I’m gonna get a new flat-panel iMac.

There’s just one snag. The iMac only has two RAM slots, and one is inconveniently inside the guts of the machine, requiring torx tools and heat conducting paste to change the RAM in it. The standard machine ships with 256MB, and the user-accessible slot will take 512MB.

So, either I have to gamble that I won’t need more than 768MB for the next four years… Or I have to pay more for a build-to-order machine with 512MB in the internal slot to start with.

This wouldn’t be a big deal, except build-to-order means I don’t get the machine for 3-5 weeks (instead of, say, tonight)… and Apple charge an extra $250 for the RAM when it’s fitted internally, which is pretty outrageous.