Dreams of Gilbert and Sullivan

Last night I dreamt of Gilbert and Sullivan. That I went to see a performance of The Mikado, and really enjoyed it.

The thing is, I’m not a big G&S fan. I’m not really a G&S fan at all. I haven’t endured an entire performance of anything of theirs. But I’ve always had the vague feeling, perhaps due to peer pressure, that it’s the kind of thing I ought to like.

When I read lyrics, it’s certainly very witty. So I rented Topsy-Turvy, and by the end of that I felt like I’d experienced enough G&S to last a lifetime. I had that definite feeling of faint aesthetic nausea, the musical equivalent of having eaten an entire box of chocolates.

So why do I dream of G&S? Why do I wake up thinking maybe I should give it another try?

Maybe for the same reason I listen to Shout by DEVO on occasion, even though it has the same faintly nauseating quality caused by excessive similarity to itself. (Is this even making any sense?)

Maybe I could get over it. I remember overdosing on TELEX and actually feeling sick, but over time my stomach learnt to deal with it. Perhaps G&S is just a taste I’d need to acquire the same way.

But still, why would I want to acquire it? For that matter, what kept me listening to TELEX?