I wouldn’t mind the blue tape if it meant that stuff actually got done properly.

However, my stuff wasn’t moved until the afternoon, and of course the guy who handles all the keys only works until 14:45. So I spent the whole of yesterday at home. I came in today to find that they’d put the desk in the office for me, but I had no chair, no shelves, no power, and no network connection. I’m not sure what they imagine I do for the company, but apparently it doesn’t involve computers.

I scavenged a hub and rigged it via uplink and a long ethernet cable to the connection on the other side of the room. Enquiries were made regarding the situation, and I was informed that hubs are now prohibited. Each office gets exactly one network connection, and if you want more—say, because some idiot just moved two people into an office formerly occupied by one—you have to request them specially. It then takes three to seven days to get the additional connections sorted out.

Oh well, I have faster network connectivity at home anyway. When the stupid proprietary VPN system is actually working, that is.