New iMac, kidney stone

Transferred my data to the iMac, and installed the various additional applications I use. Not all that many, in fact, as it comes with AppleWorks… Then I rebuilt the G4’s OS install from the ground up, which took longer than I expected. Finally, I transferred sara’s data to the G4, and imported her e-mail and bookmarks into the relevant places. I tested the CD ripping and burning capabilities of the iMac by making a mix CD for Dan.

The kidney stone has stopped bothering me, except for a few twinges as I was trying to find a comfortable position to lie in and fall asleep last night. I have an appointment to see the urologist in a couple of weeks and talk to him about arranging treatment.

We went to a local Indian restaurant and ran into Brad, who was there having dinner with a bunch of friends. Dan arrived later. I guess now they’re in Menotomy we’ll be bumping into them more.