Pride 2002

Yesterday was the Boston Pride March. I’m happy to report that Dan looks much nicer in person than in his scary mugshot photos. We went ahead a block or so and watched the parade until the BRC contingent reached us, then joined the parade. I took one end of the banner after a while. There’ll be some photos once I get up and plug in the camera…

Mark was with Slice of Rice, the queer Asian group he’s involved with. He was one of the organizers, so he had to go herd them to Chinatown. We tried to wander the stands, but the place was so packed with people that it was an exercise in frustration. Eventually we went to Downtown Crossing, and I browsed the magazines in Borders and got a Frappuccino, then we headed for home.

I then played way too much PlayStation 2. Jak and Daxter is great, but by the time I tried to return to the real world I’d become so used to 3D camera angles that everything seemed weird and out of balance. I felt faintly dizzy and nauseous, and went to bed.

Two days until WipeOut Fusion.