Stupid things from England that I miss nevertheless

  • Irn Bru

    Soda made with ammonium ferric citrate. Tastes like a mixture of rust and bubblegum. Allegedly very popular in Scotland.

  • Kellogg’s Super Noodles

    Yes, you can get ramen, but it’s not the same. For instance, you don’t get curry-flavored ramen…

  • Toasted tea cakes

    Please don’t ask me to describe what these are like; I’ve tried, and I lack the expressive power. Go to England and try some.

  • Pickled onion flavor Monster Munch

    Potato snacks shaped like monsters’ paws. The ‘pickled onion’ ones smell like developing fluid and taste like battery acid… but in a good way. Also, they leave your breath stinky for hours.