The Dream World, Part 2

I finally moved out of my parents’ house… in my dreams.

Although in reality it’s been over a decade, things seem to move slowly in the dream world. In real life my parents have moved twice since the house they still occupy in my dreams. Maybe it’s because I liked that house a lot.

Finally, though, the conflicts and the shouting matches became too much. They made for unsatisfying dreams. I decided I needed to find a place of my own.

There are definite rules concerning how mutable the dream world is. I couldn’t just make something up. I began exploring the more populated parts of the dream world, looking for something suitable. On the outskirts of a village on the edge of a town, I finally found what I was looking for.

The place was magnificent. Glass everywhere. Circling walkways led up to a glass dome, a kind of solarium, observation dome and greenhouse. Below were large, spacious living areas with wall-size windows. The only problem was, it was all in disrepair—vandals had broken windows, there were spider webs, the metal was rusted, and so on.

The first problem was to get everything fixed. That was relatively easy. Individual panes of glass, struts of metal, were small enough to be mutable just by focusing attention on them in the right way, and fixing a crack or removing rust was a small enough change to be allowed.

Next, I had to work out how I was going to get to the place and back. It was a bit isolated. No doubt other stuff would grow up around it, but for the time being I was going to be facing some boring transit dreams. There was a road, but I rarely drive in dreams, unless it’s a spy chase or some other genre that demands it. I originally reached the place by bike, but that wasn’t going to be any fun if the weather was bad. Finally, I managed to imagine/find something better: just through a hedge and across a small park was a bus stop, with a frequent bus into town.

The next problem was packing up all my stuff at my dream-parents’ house. That took two or three rather dull dreams, but finally I loaded the last box into a truck, sat on the back loading ramp, and waved my parents goodbye.

So now I’m in the new place. I was there last night. I still visit my parents, and they’ve visited me. Like in reality, distance has improved out relationship immeasurably.