Dreams in a blender

Last night’s dream fragments, in no particular order:

  • Pilot episode for a satirical sitcom: Republicans decide to create the ultimate Presidential candidate by creating a clone using DNA from all their previous successful candidates. He is to be the ultimate politician-by-marketing. They succeed in creating the ultimate Republican: he has the wit of Reagan, the rhetoric and oratory of Bush (either one), the dignity and honesty of Nixon, the gregariousness of Calvin Coolidge, the economic wisdom of Herbert Hoover, the subtlety of Theodor Roosevelt, and so on. Unfortunately, fragments of the old presidents’ personalities keep surfacing to settle old scores… We follow him on the campaign trail as desperate minders attempt to keep him on-message.

  • One of sara’s pagan friends tries to convince me that there’s something to this whole astrology lark. I listen politely only because I’m fascinated by the beautiful glowing will-o-wisp creature that has been circling them, but which is apparently so normal that it doesn’t invite comment from them.

  • Two hilarious ranting left wing pundits somehow get a late night slot on a radio station in New York, and unexpectedly become an overnight sensation.