I watched Impostor last night. It’s a pretty authentic adaptation of the Philip K. Dick story, right down to making the “bug” ships look and work the way Dick described them. Production values are high, with some impressive sets that almost rival GATTACA, and good attention to detail. The making-of documentary mentions that they tried to avoid using CGI, instead using real sets filled with real equipment and video screens. A wise decision, as the CGI establishing shots somehow don’t work.

The direction, sadly, falls victim to cliché. Too much running around in tunnels, too many air duct escapes, too many fast cuts with musical stabs trying to keep the tension high, too much slow motion combat. Since it’s a Dick story there are several plot twists, but sadly there’s only one that you might not see a mile off.

The movie started off as a 45 minute short feature, and ultimately it still plays like an extended high-budget episode of The Outer Limits. Most of the plot holes occur as a result of trying to stretch it out to 90 minutes.

Overall, a reasonable way to kill an hour or two if you’re an SF fan, but it’s no Minority Report.