From The Boston Globe:

Cut $9 billion from the Massachusetts budget and watch what happens: Doctors would make frequent and free house calls, the homeless would be sheltered by churches and private charities, and hundreds of thousands of jobs would be created.

Yeah, and winged monkeys would fly out of my butt, and Satan would start skating to work.

All this according to Carla Howell, a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate, who helped lead a successful drive to put a question on the Nov. 5 ballot asking voters if they want to do away with state income taxes.

You know, I kinda think they should do it. If it’s voted through, the politicians should call the voters’ bluff and shut down the schools, stop repairing the roads, stop collecting trash, shut down UMass, and so on. Leave it for six months and let people see what happens, then have a second referendum to let them vote on whether it’s an improvement.

Then we’d finally be able to say to the right wing libertarians “Look, we tried it, and it didn’t fucking work. Now shut up with your whining.”

Sure, it would be an unpleasant six months, but I think the end result would be worth it.

I’d like it even more if they did it in New Hampshire, though.