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I decided I could now face the SF movie footage. I started importing it… but there was a snag.

I’d used a wireless mono mic with the camcorder. Unfortunately, even when the camcorder is set to play mono audio, iMovie imports as stereo—so I get a bunch of movie files with sound in the left channel only.

I thought about this for a while, and experimented with QuickTime Pro until I found a sequence of actions that would achieve a conversion: Open the movie, extract the audio track to a second movie, export that to mono AIFF, go back to the movie and remove the audio track, add the mono AIFF file prepared earlier, export the movie to a DV stream, and then trash the AIFF file.

Kinda painful. I didn’t fancy doing it a couple of hundred times. So… AppleScript to the rescue! An hour or so later, I had learnt enough AppleScript to write an application which will batch-process a bunch of iMovie DV clips dropped onto it.

I think I may need more hard drive space, but we’ll worry about that later… I can always get a cheap external Firewire drive, I was kinda planning on doing so anyway.