Disinformation quiz

Everyone should take the Disinformation Quiz.

I got 20/27. Analysis:

  • I thought the Vatican were much bigger crooks than they actually are.

  • Having read about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s industrious fundraising, I thought it unlikely that they would be honest about the number of KKK members, even though I knew the real number was tiny.

  • I thought kids were typically killed by other kids, rather than mostly by adults. Thinking about it longer, the real answer is obvious when you consider all the children beaten to death by their parents. I guess I was only thinking of street violence and gang warfare and teenagers.

  • I thought drug overdoses were mostly dumb bored teenage suburbanites.

  • I couldn’t remember the year of the first report blasting electronic voting systems, even though I probably read it via the RISKS digest. What can I say? Dates have never been my strong point…

  • I didn’t know Hannibal Lecter was based on a real case. BFD.

  • I was too skeptical of alternative medicine. Well, to be more accurate, I saw Dan Barker’s name at the bottom of the quiz page and mistakenly thought he might have had something to do with putting the quiz together. In other words, I gave the answer I expected the quiz to want, rather than the answer I knew to be correct… Ho hum.