Since I’ve just spent a while updating three Windows machines with this week’s half a dozen security and antivirus updates, here are some statistics I found interesting.

ProductCritical security holes to date
Internet Explorer68
Windows NT 4 WS48
Windows NT 4 Server41
Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition40
Windows NT 4 Server Enterprise Edition36
Windows 2000 Professional34
Windows 2000 Server31
Windows 2000 Advanced Server31
SQL Server28
Windows 9826
Exchange Server25
Windows 9516
Windows 98SE15
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server11
Windows ME10
Windows 20009
Windows Media Player8
Windows XP Professional7
Site Server7
Commerce Server6
Windows XP Home6
Site Server Commerce6
Visual Studio3
Systems Management Server3
Index Server3
Visual Basic2
ISA Server1
Content Server1

Another interesting statistic: Microsoft is trying to reduce the number of security bulletins it has to issue by bundling multiple products’ vulnerabilities into a single bulletin. Each security bulletin now covers an average of 2.5 products.

Number of Outlook-specific viruses and worms: 274.