Mocking right-wing libertarians, part 2

IBM has a charity program called ECCC—Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign. They try to get 95% of people to respond. Nobody is forced to contribute, but the aim is to ensure that everyone considers it and makes an active decision whether to take part or not. For this reason, volunteers go around and ask the people who haven’t responded to the e-mail whether they would like to take part.

For some days now, there’s been a lot of whining in the internal discussion forums about “harassment”. Mostly the whining seems to be coming from the usual suspects—the self-proclaimed libertarians and other right-wingers who are always complaining about taxes. I pointed out that if people just clicked one of the buttons when they got the e-mail, they wouldn’t need to be bothered, but this didn’t seem to shut anyone up.

So today, I set up a store on CafePress selling T-shirts. Here’s the blurb:

Feeling harrassed by people canvassing for the IBM Employee Charitable Contributions Campaign (ECCC)? Simply click the response button in the e-mail, purchase one of these fine items, and put an end to ECCC misery!

Any profits will (of course) go to charity. I wonder if anyone will buy?

Of course, the irony is that many of the people who whine about being asked to contribute to charity also espouse replacing government-run programs with charities.