Fascinating fact of the day

As late as 1850, shoes were made on symmetrical lasts. Both shoes were identical. The concept of “left shoe” and “right shoe” did not exist. (Also, the plural in English was still “shoen” until the 1800s.)

Mentioned in an article about T-shirts without the annoying tag that makes your neck itch.

This kinda boggles my mind, like going to the art gallery and looking at all the paintings from around the time someone discovered perspective. In that case, did people somehow survive for thousands of years without noticing that things look smaller when they’re a long way away?

I also find it amazing that the ancient Greeks believed that the laws of motion were such that things moved in straight lines. They thought that a projectile moved in a straight line, then dropped to the ground. You’d have thought that five minutes watching people play throw and catch would be enough to disprove that one, but apparently not.