Making friends and influencing people

This morning:

M: Did you see T’s in the office?
B: Yeah, he’s not back permanently… just visiting.
M: He’s still working for Microsoft then?
B: Yeah.
M: What’s he doing there?
B: Oh, you know… [tails off]
meta: Evil?

Then at lunch time, the guilty party turned up to eat lunch with us.

B: So, can we ask you some Microsoft questions?
T: Sure.
B: Lemme think…
meta: I’ve got one. Why can’t I rename a freakin’ network printer under Windows? Why does it have to be called something stupid like “backslash backslash 1 RS dash PRTSRV dash 2 backslash 1 RS 2 S”? Why can’t I rename it “Laser printer in the corner”?
B: I meant nice questions.

At that point I decided to go away and search for coffee, because that was my nice question, so I thought I’d better go away before I asked any of my not-so-nice ones…

…like, “Do they actually pay you in pieces of silver?”