Ripped LaTOUR’s self-titled CD yesterday. Listening to it today, I wondered to myself what he’d been doing since 1991. A few quick web searches revealed the story…

William “Bud” LaTour was a DJ for a radio station in Arizona, and had recorded a novelty/parody single that still gets airplay on Dr Demento’s show. His first semi-serious release (People Are Still Having Sex) was a surprise hit, and his first album did respectably well. He released a second CD album and a few more singles, but they all vanished into obscurity. He became the radio station’s musical director at some point, and now has a career as record producer, but doesn’t seem credited on many releases.

In case you don’t know anyone who’s had the misfortune to sign to a major label, I should explain something: a career as an infrequently-credited record producer is generally how you end up if you’ve been fucked over by a record company. A quick search on revealed shelfloads of new and almost-new copies of LaTour’s second album selling for 75¢ each. From this, I’m guessing that he was enticed into the usual eight year exclusive contract, his second album sold many fewer copies than the record label expected, and he was told they wouldn’t release anything he recorded in the future, but that he was still under contract and couldn’t record for anyone else either. (Yes, they can do that—in fact, they do it all the time.)

Anyway, since the first album has its moments, I’ve decided to risk $3.50 on a copy of Home On The Range