I don’t really get much feeling for Thanksgiving as a holiday. I expect it’s one of those things you have to have grown up with. Since we’ll likely be heading to Minnesota for Christmas, we’re not going to visit sara’s family for Thanksgiving, and of course my family won’t be celebrating it. So, it’s just us, at home.

Yesterday I came home via Star Market and picked up lasagna noodles. Then I went out again to Bread and Circus and collected the other ingredients for a big vegetarian lasagna. Glad I got the shopping out of the way, as today everything is covered in thick, wet snow.

I’m gradually developing my own set of Thanksgiving traditions, and lasagna is part of it… The other part is sending some money to the Greater Boston Food Bank, so a bunch of people can get a hot meal tomorrow.

Working from home today. I’ve got some final tweaks to make to the PDF flyer for the big conference in January, and then I’m going to try and clean up my e-mail inbox.