More about the sequel to the “PATRIOT” act: it’s called the Domestic Security Enhancement Act. Amongst the planned improvements to the legal system:

  • Law enforcement to be able to wiretap you for up to 48 hours without needing a warrant or court order.

  • New ‘secret subpoenas’, where you can be compelled to testify and also prohibited from revealing to anyone that you’ve been served a subpoena.

  • New search warrants, valid throughout the USA, to be issued if police accuse you of computer hacking.

  • Using encryption in any way while committing a felony will add 5 years to the sentence.

  • DNA database of suspected terrorists, and any non-citizens suspected of associating with organizations declared as terrorist.

  • All consent decrees which limit state law enforcement surveillance, and which date from before 9/11, to be terminated at a stroke.

  • US citizens can be expatriated (have their citizenship terminated) if they are deemed to be supporting declared terrorist organizations, based on their actions.