Today I tried using Debian.

First I tried to find CD images on the internal IBM mirror of the Debian servers. No go.

Next I tried the Debian web site. It directed me to use jigdo to assemble a CD set. The jigdo home page was giving me a 404 error, so I gave up on that option. (It seems to be back now.)

So, next I tried a net install from a minimal CD image. I got past the painful device selection stage, but hit a snag—it demanded a static IP address, with no option for using DHCP. I gave it a 192.168.x.x address and continued. It gave me a blue screen with a cursor near the bottom left, and did nothing for about ten minutes. No disk activity, no network activity.

So I gave up, rebooted, and reinstalled RedHat.

Sorry, Debian, but if I can’t work out how to install you, I’m not going to inflict you on my parents.