New iBook

The tax refund is going to be generous, and I also got a rather nice bonus from work, so today I picked up an iBook on the way home. I’m currently installing all the essentials onto it, though since it only has the built-in RAM at the moment, it’s not like it’s going to be running Photoshop in the immediate future… I’ve ordered a 512MiB SO-DIMM which should hopefully arrive in under a week. Until then, it’s light web-surfing and e-mail duties only.

I also got Xandros Linux installed on a spare ThinkPad, and even got sound working! So I also have to use that a bit, and make sure it seems parent-safe.

No chance of getting the parents to use a Mac. Mum wants to, but dad thinks that $800 is far too much to spend on a computer. Sure, he plans to get a Land Rover, but he’ll penny-pinch on the computer.