South Park and war

South Park was good this week. I almost choked to death on some rice. I needed a laugh, but I could have done without that.

I shed a few tears earlier in the day, but mostly I’m just numb.

The thing that bothers me most about my reaction to the whole thing is that on some level, I really want things to go badly, because otherwise Bush’s keepers will feel free to have a war whenever they feel like it. If war is something we can go into lightly and without consequence, you can bet there will be lots more of it, and let’s face it, nobody will be able to stop the USA. So I don’t want the war to be too quick and painless for us. Is that such an evil thought?

Well, I certainly won’t be getting it printed on a T-shirt, that’s for damn sure.

I haven’t watched TV or read a newspaper. I don’t want to. I want to cut myself off from it completely, la la la la, can’t hear you. Which also seems like a pretty stupid thought, but hey, it’s not my damn war, I’m just being forced to pay for it.