(1) A person commits the crime of terrorism if the person knowingly plans, participates in or carries out any act that is intended, by at least one of its participants, to disrupt:

(a) The free and orderly assembly of the inhabitants of the State of Oregon;

(b) Commerce or the transportation systems of the State of Oregon; or

(c) The educational or governmental institutions of the State of Oregon or its inhabitants.


(4)(a) A person convicted of terrorism shall be punished by imprisonment for life.

(b) When a person is convicted of terrorism under this section, the court shall order that the person be confined for a minimum of 25 years without possibility of parole, release to post-prison supervision, release on work release or any form of temporary leave or employment at a forest or work camp.

—Oregon Senate Bill SB742

It wasn’t passed at the first attempt, but they’re trying again.