Home alone

So, on Monday morning sara set off to catch a 10:00 flight to Chicago. At around 16:30, she called to tell me she was still at Logan airport. I’m sure she’ll have a few words to say about United Airlines when she returns.

Monday was Patriots Day, notionally a holiday in Massachusetts. It was also a Bank Holiday in the UK. I decided to work anyway, as it was a good opportunity to roll out a redesign of a vital 3GB database while nobody was likely to be needing it. Everything seemed to go more or less according to plan, until some kind of glitch dumped a few hundred old e-mail messages in my inbox.

In the evening, I met up with Mark and we went to Buddha’s Delight in Chinatown. He suggested it, saying he’d never been before. Apparently he doesn’t eat vegetarian very often.

Afterwords he came back to take a look at the iBook and iMac. I also showed him Linux. Some time this week, hopefully, we’re going to try switching his old PC to run Linux—all he really uses it for is web, e-mail, and the usual office tasks involving spreadsheets and writing documents. He’s had Windows Me self-destruct multiple times, and is ready to try something a little more stable.

After that, we played video games—mostly Cookie and Cream, which is a two-player game of almost Nintendo-like cuteness involving two bunnies who have to race through level after level of obstacles, co-operating to help each other past the various hazards. I also showed him Rez, which he agreed is very cool. Then he had to dash off to get the last train home.

Today I cleaned up the inevitable unforeseen problems from yesterday. Obviously the one thing I didn’t think to check (because I hadn’t changed it in any way) was the one thing that broke, in completely mysterious circumstances. Once I’d fixed that up and cleaned out my inbox again, I dealt with various end-user requests, and that was about it for the work day.

This evening I’ve been mostly tidying up and repairing stuff around the house.