Beating exam stress

Colin Fahey set out to take the SAT and get the lowest possible score. He didn’t quite make it. The thing I find interesting is that he writes about getting a sense of liberation and euphoria from going through a classic academic exam experience, in a situation where it could not matter less and the only pressure is to get everything wrong. It makes me wonder if it would be good therapy for those of us who have suffered PTSD from exams.

But the best part of all comes at the end:

If you are a high school student, please, for love of “The Man” and his “System”, DON’T do anything described in this article! Over the years you will discover that meaning in life is derived from being very employed and consuming as much as you can on weekends and your ten paid holidays. Doing poorly on the SAT jeopardizes your proper placement as a cog in the machine. The Man has many glorious gifts stored up for you in the System, and he desperately wants to give them to you, but when you stop conforming, The Man feels great sorrow, and may even have to punish you… I shouldn’t even be telling you these things, young Consumer. Just… No, that’s all I’m saying.