Busy weekend

This weekend I…

  • …completed the video editing for another DVD project. This one is sara’s grandmother talking about family history, with a tour of the farm, pictures from the family photo album, and a demonstration of the old Edison phonograph.

  • …installed two UPSs. One for sara’s Mac, one for mine. We had a power outage on Saturday night, and it’s probably safe to say that there will be more of them when summer arrives and everyone turns on the air conditioning. I got fed up with rebuilding filesystems and cleaning up damage.

    I picked up the UPSs from Staples, as I really wasn’t fussy about model beyond wanting something from APC because they support the Mac well. Unfortunately, I realized when we got home that one of the two was an old serial only model, so I had to carry it all the way back and pick up a smaller USB one instead. Somehow I managed to avoid injuring myself in the process.

  • …did the research for another PC-building project. I want a silent but reasonably fast machine to act as an MP3 server, and maybe connect to the TV for running MAME on. I reluctantly abandoned the Mini-ITX form factor because it seems that the only fanless cases you can get also require slim optical drives and/or 2.5″; hard drives. I want a Plextor optical drive for accurate ripping, and a big Seagate hard drive.

    So, I’ve settled on a Lian Li Aluminium case, mid tower size. It has 8cm fans which can be replaced with near-silent models. I plan to get an nForce2-based motherboard, for good Linux compatibility. I’ll run it with a Duron processor, in the hope that lower heat output will mean I can get away with the fans all turned to low. I may even try running the CPU fanless, as if I burn out a Duron it’s only $35 to get a replacement… I’ll probably wait until we get back from England before I order the parts.

  • …went to see Matrix Reloaded. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting; the reviews had led me to expect more of an emphasis on action, whereas in fact it seemed to have a more even spread of plot than the first instalment. The first movie had been great for the first half, but had then been fight scene after fight scene, sensory overload to the point of tedium. This one was much better structured. That said, it made no attempt to be comprehensible to anyone who hadn’t seen the first movie, and there was really no attempt at an ending—it was most definitely episode 2 of 3.