Why didn’t Mulder and Scully ever investigate a case like this?

“The people of Lardal aren’t easily scared,” Sheriff Lars Helge Sogn told reporters in Oslo, “so when we had over thirty calls from citizens, all saying that they’d spotted a UFO and suspected meteorite, I took the matter seriously. Dozens of observers said that they’d heard an explosion, then spotted a fireball in the night sky, which burned for half an hour. So I contacted the astrophysics department at Oslo University, and asked them to investigate.

“It took them a couple of days to work out what had happened, but the evidence is clear. We’re certain that a house cat climbed up a high tension power line just outside the town, and burst into flames and exploded after striking the high voltage cable with its tail. The heat from the short circuit caused the wooden mast to ignite, while the burning cat would have looked just like a fireball as it fell to earth on the horizon on the night of the mysterious sighting.

“We needed more proof, so we asked the local electricity company to check, and they found a carbonized cat beneath one of their power masts, and a four second glitch in their power records. Of course, cats don’t burn for an hour, but wooden masts do, and part of this one had burned through, having been set alight by the unlucky tabby cat. Or jet-black cat, as he is now.”

—Aftenposten, quoted in Private Eye